The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor

The estate of Elizabeth Taylor (jewels, fashion, art, decorative art & memorabilia) is being auctioned by Christie’s over the coming months. A world tour of Ms Taylor’s legendary jewelry collection, an exhibition titled “The Crown Jewels of Hollywood” culminates with the sale in New York in December. ATL special correspondent Veronique Cremer lined up to see the exhibition in Paris.


Above: Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor (credit MTV Images); Snake Bracelet Watch by Bvlgari; The Taj Mahal Diamond Pendant Necklace; An Art Nouveau Enamel & Multi-Gem Brooch by Boucheron .


Regina Wilson - Paintings & Fabrics - New Directions

Regina Wilson’s paintings have their genesis in the intricate patterns of traditional weaving. Now, in a serendipitous loop, she’s painted three designs specifically for fabrics in unique artisan collaboration with Koskela - Susie Burge reports

regina-plate1

Cloud Cities - Tomás Saraceno in Berlin

ATL guest writer, global gypsy & talented architecture graduate Alice Nivison experiences Tomás Saraceno’s extraordinary Cloud Cities in Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof


Established by Berlin’s Nationalgalerie director Ludwig Justi in the aftermath of the fall of the German monarchy, the Hamburger Bahnhof was one of the first state museums devoted to "living art." Originally a terminal station for Berlin’s rail system, the museum’s grand industrial hall stays true to this mantra, and until January 2012, cradles a collection of bubble biospheres, delicately strung between the spider-black ironwork of the museum and oversized dew-drop anchors. Read More...

Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney: a Hipstamatic view

For a few weeks each year, outdoor and monumental sculpture by a wide variety of artists takes a star turn against a dramatic backdrop of tumbled sandstone rocks, ocean and sky. Sydney’s annual Sculpture by the Sea is always a photo opportunity.

Over the past few months, I’ve fallen in love with the Hipstamatic camera app for iphone. In Hipsta pics, people appear cool, as if they’ve stepped out of a Jean Luc Goddard film, a seventies road movie, or Poolside with Slim Aarons. A touch of John S lens with a Blanko filter and seascapes are mood indigo, sky is hyper real. The series of interchangeable “lenses” and “filters” (just shake for a random combination) give contemporary scenes the atmosphere of faded analogue photographs, Kodak holiday snaps, fashion test-shots or old Polaroids, tinged with the evocative dimension of memory, or the saturated colours of heightened imagination, wistfulness & dreams.


Top row from left: Ken Unsworth - Look This Way, Nick Horn -Everything That Happens Doesn’t Mean Something Else, Simon McGrath - Who Left the Tap Running. Middle row from left: Byeong Doo Moon - I Have Been Dreaming to Be a Tree … II, Keizo Ushio - Moebius in Space Planet, Jane Gillings - Provenance (a gilt frame). Bottom row from left: Bjorn Godwin & Jette Geji - This is One of Those Things That Hopefully Will Just Go Away Over Time, Julie Collins & Derek John - Save Our Souls – Shared Journey, Alan & Julia Aston - Simply Black & White 2010