Garry Shead - Bali Bound

Garry Shead is leading an intensive art retreat in Bali this year. ATL gets the skinny.


Garry Shead - The Letter

Garry Shead paints lyrical, emotive, dreamlike figurative paintings. He draws on the techniques of the old masters, Titian in particular (“I always go back to Titian”), yet his work is quintessentially Australian, exploring and mythologising subjects and narratives such as DH Lawrence’s Kangaroo, the Royal Suite (based on Queen Elizabeth’s first visit) the Ern Malley suite, and most recently a series inspired by his uncle Maurice O’Shea who was a legendary pioneering winemaker in Pokolbin. His work – paintings, etchings, drawings and even ceramics - is suffused with a heightened sense of emotion – love, joy, sadness, happiness - and something akin to magic. He paints marvellous pictures, in the true sense of the word.